Transit of Venus

On Tuesday June 5th a very rare event occurred – the transit of Venus across the Sun.  The next one will be in 105 years!  I was was able to capture the beginning of the transit before the clouds rolled in.  The setup was a 130mm f/8 astronomical refractor on an equatorial mount, focal length 1,040mm with a D800 as the imager.  Exposure was 1/400 sec at f/8, ISO 100.  A Baader solar film filter was used to reduce the bright sunlight to safe levels.  Note the sunspots and clouds covering some of the images.  There was a thin haze over all of the images, reducing the claity. (Click on thumbnail for larger image.)

Initial ContactVenus just entering Sun's diskAbout 12 minutes after first contactAlmost fully into disk - note "teardrop" effectLast image before the clouds - 27min after 1st contact