Cincinnati IR Photos

Images taken with a modified Nikon D90. The original IR blocking filter was replaced with a special filter that passes Near Infrared and Blue, blocking all other visible light. The images were white balanced to yield a neutral grey on true grey objects. Some were converted to B&W in Lightroom.

Foliage has a high reflectance in IR, so the normal dark green in visible becomes very bright. By adjusting the white balance, greens in IR can be rendered as white, yellow or bright yellow-green. These false colors give IR its unique appearance.

The special “Super Blue” filter renders very deeply saturated blue skies, with contrasty clouds. By adding a yellow filter, the blue will be blocked and the effect is the same as a pure traditional IR filter. (Click on a thumbnail to enlarge).


Alms Park - Overlook.jpgAlms Park - Overlook.jpgAlms Park - Overlook.jpgAlms Park.jpgAlms Park.jpgAlms Park.jpgAlms Park.jpgAlms Park.jpgAlms Park.jpgAlms Park.jpgAlms Park.jpgArt Museum.jpgArt Museum.jpgArt Museum.jpgArt Museum.jpgArt Museum.jpgArt Museum.jpgArt Museum.jpgArt Museum.jpgAult Park.jpgAult Park.jpgAult Park.jpgBellevue, Ky.jpgBellevue, Ky.jpgBellevue, Ky.jpgCincinnati across Ohio River.jpgCincinnati across Ohio River.jpgCincinnati across Ohio River.jpgCincinnati Skyline.jpgCincinnati.jpgDaniel C. Beard Bridge.jpgDaniel C. Beard Bridge.jpgEden Park.jpgEden Park.jpgExcursion Boat.jpgFountain Square.jpgFountain Square.jpgFountain Square.jpgFountain Square.jpgFountain Square.jpgFrom Carew Tower.jpgFrom Carew Tower.jpgFrom Carew Tower.jpgGreat American Building.jpgInternational Friendship Park.jpgInternational Friendship Park.jpgIvy Covered Church - Wooster Rd.jpgMirror Lake Eden PArk.jpgMt. Adams.jpgMt. Adams.jpgMt. Stprm Park.jpgMt.. Adams.jpgObservatory.jpgObservatory.jpgP&G.jpgP&G.jpgPurple People Bridge.jpgPurple People Bridge.jpgSawyer Pint.jpgSeasongood Pavilion.jpgSeasongood Pavilion.jpgSeasongood Pavilion.jpgSeasongood Pavilion.jpgSerpentine Wall.jpgStephen Foster - Alms Park.jpgSuspension Bridge.jpgWater Tower - Eden PArk.jpg